How to Get the Right Potential Bankruptcy Attorney

Finding and researching potential bankruptcy attorney

If you’ve never filed for bankruptcy before, you probably don’t have an attorney lined up, and finding one can be a intimidating process. If you aren’t sure where to start, these ideas will point you in the right direction.

From friends and family

Ask for a legal referral to someone who has provided excellent service in the past. Don’t worry if you get the name of someone who isn’t a bankruptcy attorney, simply call the lawyer’s office and ask the office staff who they recommend when clients have bankruptcy needs.

Using the Internet for Research

Use the internet to search for a local bankruptcy attorney. You’ll quickly find a list  practicing in your area.

From a Trustworthy Referral Site

You can also find bankruptcy lawyers using sites such as the American Bar Association, or a local association of attorneys. You also could call the bar association’s lawyer referral and information service An interviewer will discuss your situation and decide whether you need a lawyer or if some other assistance is available.

Once you’ve compiled a list of promising names, you can trim it down by doing preliminary research. For instance, it’s a good practice to check your state’s bar association to find out if the attorney has a record of discipline—it happens more often than you might think. You can also look online for client reviews, news articles, and other information that might provide insight into the attorney’s reputation and competence. Once you find an attorney who understands the bankruptcy code and you are comfortable with, make sure you disclose everything and collect and provide the information your attorney requests.

Your attorney will help you receive personal attention which has been uniquely tailored for your unique financial situation. What that means for you is that you will be able to have the necessary time for the attorney to learn and consider your financial issues and which legal solutions offer you the best protection for your assets while minimizing your liabilities.

You don’t need to be surprised for this reason to hear the simple question: “What problems have got you considering the option of bankruptcy?” Another common way to discover the root issues might be: “What problems are plaguing you financially?” Your answer for these questions brings out basic financial struggles to help the attorney understand what is hurting you and how your financial concerns can be answered and solved moving forward. The attorney will seek to discuss questions regarding your finances such as your debts, your assets, as well as ongoing financial payments and obligations like your income and mortgage payment, auto payment, etc. As the attorney better understands your issues and what is important for you financially, you will receive better customized legal advice to make the best financial decisions to have a bright financial future.

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